Estúdio Porto


DI's 15th Anniversary

Microsite for Democracy International at 15 years

Visual Identity & Web Design


Visual Identity & Website for International News Organization

Visual Identity & Web Design

Democracy International

Website for International Development Organization

Web Design & Development

Typographic Portrait

à La Jacques Derrida

Typography & SVG animation

Landing Pages & Ebooks for Behavioral Marketing Company

Web Design & Development

Michael Mrizek, M.D.

Website for Mental Health Professional

Web Design & Development

Music On The Hill

Poster & Postcard Series

Graphic Design & Typography

Bawlamer's Feuilleton

A 12-Panel Fold Zine

Print Design & Typography

Golden Volunteer

Dashboard & Website for Volunteer Organization

Web Design & Development

National Museum of African American History & Culture

Smithsonian Institution


Rio 2016 Olympic Park

Master Plan Competition

Graphic Design & Architecture

Typographic Interventions on Architecture

If Buildings Could Speak, Here's What They Wouldn't Say

Typography & 3D Modeling

Quote Generator

A Random Quote Machine

Web Design & Typography

CNM Headquarters

Architectural Design Competition

Graphic Design & Architecture

Bike In / Park Out

A Campaign for Bike Lanes That Doesn't Use Safety Jargon

Illustration & Animation

Cine Rodoviária

Occupation of an Urban Void

Graphic Design & Architecture

What You Say, What You Show, What I See

Impressions on Communication

Art Direction & Film