Estúdio Porto


Hey, there: I'm Caroline Portugal, a designer-developer based in Washington-DC. I design and build web interfaces: I enjoy working at the intersection of design and development—acting as visual designer, coder and interaction designer all rolled together—because this is where I think fresh ideas and innovative solutions come from. I’m also interested in everything typography, design systems, visual identities and editorial design. And I love working with VueJS, CSS Grid Layout, Sass, SVGs and web animations.

Past life: I’m a trained Architect & Urban Planner and in my past life worked for Davis Brody Bond as an Architectural Designer on the project for the National Museum of African American History & Culture—by far the largest, most complex and meaningful project I’ve ever worked on.

Wishes for my jinni: (1) a game of snooker with Jacques Derrida, (2) an afternoon climb with Lynn Hill, (3) to watch Elis Regina perform.